Airport LED displays


In airports, LED screens assist passengers with directions, arrival, departure and baggage information. Digital display screens also provide entertainment and host advertising for products or destinations.


Navigating an unfamiliar airport can be daunting for travellers. Digital signage can make finding the right gate on time easier and less stressful. LED Displays deliver relevant information to passengers in an eye-catching way. From instructions at security checkpoints, to important flight information, airport LED Displays provide several crucial functions.

Arrival and departure information


Receiving information in real-time is vital for outbound travellers and those awaiting the arrival of inbound passengers.

Flight status, gate location, and up-to-date departure times need to be easily accessible for travellers. LED screens provide real-time updates in high-definition text that’s easy to read. Airport LED displays allow travellers to get the information they need in a highly time sensitive environment.

Baggage claim

In most airports, passengers disembark from their flights in a different area of the airport to where they collect their baggage. LED display screens in airport baggage claim areas help travellers easily locate the baggage conveyor assigned to their flight.



Flight delays or long waits between connecting flights can be made more enjoyable for passengers with entertainment in airport departure lounges and service areas. LED Screens can broadcast news and sport, and advertise airport facilities and services, and other entertainment options within the airport precinct.

Advertising opportunities


LED screens are viewed by a ‘captive audience’ within the airport terminal and are ideal for displaying advertisements. The appeal of digital advertising is that you can broadcast static and video ads in vibrant colours, and you have the flexibility to change content quickly as needed.

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