Architectural digital displays


Enhance public spaces with the creative use of LED screens.

Architectural digital designs, including LED screen technology can create a mood to complement the static surrounds, softening or bringing warmth to a space and elevating design features. The flexibility of LED panels and the individual modules allows for a curved video wall. Display options are endless. For example, create a digital forest, fish tank or art installation and capture the imagination for visitors.


Vibrant digital signage offers a compelling alternative to traditional static solutions. Ultra-high-resolution digital displays and video walls create digital experiences that are dynamic and memorable.

Today’s video displays are designed to seamlessly blend with professional environments, retail settings and modern public venues. Innovative products, including modular and bendable LED displays, can be adapted into creative shapes, such as smooth curves or column wraps and architecturally integrated with building designs.

Digital Panel Services can supply, install, maintain and repair a range of digital display solutions for public spaces. Talk to us about the right solution for your space today.