Internal & External LED signage


Digital screens are a versatile and highly effective alternative to static billboards. Dynamic, high-resolution graphics and video content capture the attention of your audience. Bright, crisp text is easy to read and hard to miss on an LED Display Screen or video wall.

Highly engaging

We have sourced the highest quality digital panels, parts and software that are designed to last longer and perform better.

Digital Signage is ideal for displaying advertising messages, disseminating information in real time, and driving engagement when it matters most. Interactive displays in vibrant colour grab the audience’s attention in a way that static billboards simply can’t.

Walls with wow factor

Indoor and outdoor video walls offer a jaw dropping first impression. A stunning display that’s completely immersive, highly mesmerising, and completely unforgettable. Transform a venue or foyer with a giant LED Display that will truly make first impressions last.

Designed for seamless integration

LED Displays can adapt to a range of environments, from retail and corporate settings, to outdoor, roadside locations. Embrace curves, wraps and creative shapes with architectural LED and LCD Display solutions tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing space and structures.

Low maintenance & high performance

Digital Billboards supplied by Digital Panel Services are built and tested for optimal performance in Australia’s harsh outdoor conditions. Our service level plans ensure our LED and LCD displays perform at their best for longer

Аdvertising & Marketing


Digital Billboards offer a versatility and flexibility that’s not an option with static displays. Content on your LED screen can be changed and updated at the click of a button, to ensure messaging is always on point.

In a retail environment, LED screens can display sales and promotions, showcasing popular products in vibrant, crisp colour and clarity.

Outdoor billboards provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach their audiences with fresh content that can be changed quickly, depending on results.