TV Studio video wall


DPS panels are perfect for local news, sports broadcasting, or national reporting applications. Large TV studio video walls can help you communicate more clearly to your audience. Enhance your studio’s presentation with digital displays to deliver information to viewers in a clear, aesthetically pleasing way.

Image quality

At DPS, our indoor LED display panels feature diverse configuration, so you can set up your studio in a way that’s customised to suit your broadcast. Captivate audiences and keep them engaged with dynamic indoor display solutions from DPS.

Downtime is not an option

In a live television broadcast, where every second counts. Avoiding delays and downtime is the highest priority. Digital display solutions designed with redundant video and power, and 24×7 reliability provide continuous operation for mission-critical broadcast applications.


Digital Panel Services can supply, install, maintain and repair a range of digital display solutions for Education providers. Talk to us about the right solution for your school or university today.