LED or LCD screens for multiple locations accross Australia.


Digital Signage provides a better viewing experience and delivers your message more effectively.

Digital signage is also cost-effective. You can update material as many times as you like within minutes, rather than days, and our LED and LCD screens are energy efficient, minimising power consumption. For example, the P20 full-colour outdoor display has an average power consumption of about 250W per square meter in the video playback state.

Higher brightness LEDs can be set up so that a low current can be used. In general, the brightness of red, green, and blue LEDs is increased by 20%, and the power consumption of the display is reduced by 15% when the brightness of the display is constant.


We provide fast, efficient and professional multi-site digital signage and LED billboard solutions because we work closely with:

Billboard advertising companies/publishers
Asset owners
Franchise owners
Property developers
Shopping centre owners

Everything for you

Digital Panel Solutions can supply, install and service LED and LCD Screens anywhere in Australia.

Our experienced team will conduct a full audit of your existing LED and LCD screens to determine any issues, and parts needed for repair or replacement. Because we have a highly skilled team of certified technicians and engineers, most repairs can be completed quickly and locally so your billboard is back online faster.

We can service and maintain digital billboards across your entire network with a service level agreement to ensure maximum ‘uptime’ and optimal performance across your network.


We can also supply and install new LED billboards and LCD displays, adding to your network. A qualified Signage Engineer will be dedicated to your project. Providing in depth technical knowledge and experience to guide the project to completion and beyond. They will inspect the site and provide a detailed quote based on location, size, viewing distance, position of the sun, refresh rate, longevity, power consumption, adaptation to existing structures and customisation requirements.