Digital Panel Services provide state-of-the-art digital signage solutions, customised to meet your needs.

We make it easy for you

We have sourced the highest quality digital panels, parts and software that are designed to last longer and perform better.

Our LED and LCD screens pass various tests before leaving the factory, such as normal and high temperature lighting, high humidity and thermal shock, to ensure the stability, consistency, and continuity of the screens. In general, high-quality LED devices used in full-colour displays have a long life, with low failure rates.

Our specialist digital signage technicians will visit the proposed site for your digital sign to get a clear understanding of the application.

There are factors that can influence the type of the digital panels we supply:

Screen size
Adaptation to existing structures
Position of the sun or lighting

Everything for you


We can also install the signage, with qualified signage engineers and certified technicians available to take care of the whole process. Whatever digital signage solution you need, wherever you are in Australia, we can supply high quality digital panels, along with installation, service, maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your LED or LCD screen is performing at its best.